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Securing Your Home With Quality Door Locks – Checklist and Guide

There are many different locks on the market today. We are getting blasted with foreign junk locks and locking systems. Beware, these can lead you to more trouble than it is worth. I suggest either a Medeco or a Mul T Lock deadbolt on all exterrior doors. There are many different locking types. some good and some will malfunction and lock you out. Many people do not realize that the locks on their home or business is more important than they think. If you think about it, your life depends on it.

Camera systems are all good, just like alarm systems. But please listen to this. “Your first line of defense is your deadbolt lock”. You do not need a alarm to tell you that you have been robbed. And a video of it happening is good if it shows the face of who. Other than that they are just reminders of you should have gotten a better door lock. People will invest more money on a pair of tennis shoes rather than a High security deadbolt lock. They always say” I do not have nothing to steal”. Well if they think about it, What about their life, is it important?

Checklist for your front door locks

  • The first thing on any property, either residential or commercial must be checked.
  • All exterior doors must have a deadbolt lock. If you do not have a deadbolt with a bolt that is 1″ long, get one.
  • Check the frame that the bolt goes into. The frame should be solid and withstand a sharp kick. If it looks weak, you need to have it reinforced. Any door that has glass in it or next to it should have a double cylinder deadbolt. This is a lock with a key on both sides.
  • This way if someone breaks the glass, they can not reach in and unlock the door. Keep in mind fire safety when having double cylinder locks on all of your exit doors. Have a plan!!
  • Any sliding glass door must have a secondary lock installed. The standard lock is weak and can be manipulated easily.
  • Check window locks. Make sure all window locks are tight and can not be preyed open. If it looks weak, have a secondary window lock installed.
  • A peephole is a great tool, please use them. Do not open the door to strangers. Do not trust chain locks and fold over secondary door locks. When your deadbolt is unlocked, they can just kick the door open, these locks will not hold up.

Types of door locks

There are many types of door locks available in the market today. They are designed for different purpose and should be used accordingly. If you are looking for the best deadbolt locks for front doors, then you should go Medeco or Baldwin as they manufacture the best locks that are quiet difficult to pick.

Padlocks are the only type of lock that is typically not permanently attached to anything else. Padlocks come in a range of sizes, are free standing and portable, and are one of the most easily recognizable types of lock. A portable or detachable lock with a pivoted or sliding shackle that can be passed through a link, ring, staple, or the like. Padlocks come in two main varieties: combination and keyed. Combination locks have one or more number dials that open the lock when the correct combination is entered.

Mortise locks
This is the standard deadlock, which offers moderate protection to the main doors in your home. It’s lockable from either side and is sometimes used with a nightlatch for added security. Mortice deadlocks are one of the most common type of locks referred to in a policy. A mortice lock requires a key to both lock and open it.

Keyless locks
For convenience, remote-control locks can’t be beat. They work in a way similar to a remote lock on your car, with the code changing automatically after each entry. This ensures your safety and gives you the peace of mind that other controls will not be used to enter your home.

Knob locks
One of the most common type of door locks, knob locks are used on all kinds of doors; front door, bedroom door, garage doors or rear patio doors. These locks have knobs on both sides One side has a lock and the other side has a key hole to unlock the door.

Deadbolt locks
The deadbolt lock has a bolt that must be activated by a key or thumb turn. Quality deadbolt locks are an important safety feature on your home to prevent break-ins and keep your home secure. Schlage mechanical deadbolts are made with durability in mind. Deadbolts are thicker and heavier than spring latches, and they are not rounded or angled at the end. It offers good security because it is not spring activated and cannot be “jimmied” opened with a knife blade or credit card.

There are many different styles and models of deadbolt locks, but most are either single or double cylinder locks. Combine our wide range of unique finish and style options with our easy one-tool installation and you can give your door a stylish makeover in minutes. They are normally comprised of steel, bronze or brass, and they extend deeper into the door frame–typically about one inch–than spring latches. For this reason it is best to install deadbolt locks on solid wood, steel or fiberglass doors. You can engage a deadbolt using a key or a turn knob, or by way of an automated motor such as with a keyless device.

Bio-metric locks
Using one-of-a-kind data collected from physical or behavioral characteristics, a biometric lock allows only very particular users through any given point of entry. A biometric lock uses an optical or thermal scanner to read and memorize your fingerprint (and the fingerprints of other authorized users who you decide should have access to your home).

Healthy Nutrition and Fitness With Garlic – A healthy Indian guide

For a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic we must know something more about it. Garlic (Allium sativum) is a perennial bulbous plant with a very variable height (from 20 to 70 cm approximately); the bulb of the plant consists of numerous layers of very thin leaves that surround a central layer which  encloses the so-called cloves . The best harvest time  of the bulbs is  from September to October.
The garlic probably  originated in areas located in Central Asia, and now  is cultivated throughout the world for food purposes (for seasoning of food) and for herbal purposes. It is used by all the kitchens of the Western world (primarily from the French) and  in Chinese cooking, garlic is, along with ginger, one of the most important spices:it  is widely used also  in Indian cuisine and is considered essential in Mexican and generally in all those areas belonging to South America.

A healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic,must include this plant in everyone’s eating or dieting plan. There are various kinds of garlic, that  can be traced to two main categories: garlic white tunic and garlic in a red tunic; fall under the first the  white garlic of Piacenza,the  white garlic Fucino and the  white garlic in Naples. The main differences between the white tunic and a red tunic are related to the cultivation cycle (shorter by about a month in the second), the size of the bulb (smaller in the former) and the retention time (in seconds rather short that, consequently, are more suitable for immediate consumption).

In an Egyptian papyrus of the fifteenth century BC  there is a list of  twenty-two medical uses of garlic, which is also mentioned by numerous ancient authors, including Herodotus, Varro, Ovid and Pliny.So also in the ancient time the people knew what it was a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic. The main constituents of garlic are the essential oil and various sulfur compounds . Its characteristic and special  perfume is due to mechanical compression of the bulb that gives rise to the issue of alliin which, by interacting with the enzyme alliinase forms hydrolysis some intermediates which autocondense very rapidly and form various thiosolfinate, mainly allicin (70% approximately) .
For a healthy nutrition and fitness  with garlic, it is  is recommended use it for the treatment of many disorders. Its  for example recommended for colds, flu, ear infections, whooping cough, pharyngitis and bronchitis. Garlic is considered an excellent immunostimulant and is thought to reduce the recovery time of gastrointestinal infections.

It is traditionally used against intestinal parasites and candida vaginal. Attributed to him also antiseptic and therefore is recommended for both treat the wounds to heal calluses, warts and cutaneous viral infections. For  a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic you must know that is also highly suggested the consumption of it as a preventive treatment for disorders like cardiovascular (atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, stroke, etc..), For which purpose it is recommended for daily use in the long term. You can find more information on health and fitness here.

Is also referred to as a chelating agent in cases of lead poisoning. Its use, however, is contraindicated in cases of acute or chronic gastritis, pregnancy (at high doses) and inflammation of mucous membranes; should abstain from the consumption of garlic (at therapeutic doses) persons who are planning a surgical intervention. In some cases, chronic exposure to pure garlic juice allergies caused by contact with allicin and allergic asthma. For the proper healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic ,It is strongly discouraged prolonged consumption of large amounts of fresh garlic or high doses of allicin supplements to those using anticoagulant and / or antiplatelet agents. Furthermore, a degree of caution in the use of garlic supplements or release of allicin is if you are taking protease inhibitor drugs, or if you use drugs non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, or if you take insulin.
Garlic is considered a real panacea for many diseases, but in reality you should not overdo it when it comes to the benefits arising, like many foods, it is obvious that garlic can act positively on the welfare of the organism, but use it as a real medicine is really optimistic. Recall that the pharmaceutical companies  know that it is a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic and are very attentive to the success of herbal medicine: if something really works (see aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid), immediately (for better or for worse) the production of synthetic product in the form of medication ( not supplement form). For a healthy nutrition and fitness with garlic you must be aware of  the advantages and disadvantages when using this beautiful powerful useful plant  that mother nature gives us.

Food for fitness

food that comes from a drive-thru window, a vending machine, box, bag, or wrapper. You should take sufficient calories of energy on a daily basis and at regular intervals so that you will be able to shape your body through exercises. Building lean muscle requires a ready supply of protein for tissue repair. Recent research shows that this ruby red root veggie may be more effective at boosting energy than caffeine, or nearly anything you’ll find in the supplement aisle. If it has an ingredient list longer than A Game of Thrones, it’s probably not good for you.

As a sportsman, your body should be molded to perform at optimum levels. The more intense your efforts, the more protein you’ll need. When UK researchers asked male athletes to down either 16 ounces of organic beetroot juice or a placebo, those who gulped the real thing cycled for up to 16% longer, an effect scientists say isn’t achievable by any other known means, including training. If it started out as real food and then went through fourteen steps to get to the point where you’re about to eat it, it’s probably not good for you. The exercises that you will perform will burn lots of calories.

Carbohydrates should constitute 75 percent of a pre-workout meal, and protein should constitute 25 percent. To bolster your performance, invest in a juicer and grab some fresh beets, which are in season year-round. Get ready to start keeping track of calories and macronutrients. Hence, you should raise the intake of food proportionately. Protein must first be broken down into amino acids in order to be used by muscles to repair and build lean tissue. 1-2 hours prior to strength training, consume protein in order to have an adequate reserve for the upcoming workout.

Or look for bottled beet juice, which can be sipped straight or blended into a pre-workout smoothie. You don’t need to be meticulous, but you do need to be consistent. You should not perform workouts beyond your limit as well. The amount of protein required is based on body weight, intensity level, length of workout, and gender. If your goal is to gain muscle size and maximize strength, consume 14–18 calories per pound of your body weight. A few hours of missed sleep a night may not seem like a big deal, but it can create a noticeable sleep deficit over time. The food that you eat will be digested and the nutrients will be absorbed by the body. The muscle mass will increase. The fat on your body will vanish.

You should be guided by a qualified dietician and fitness trainer. Recent studies suggest taking in around 10-20 grams of high-quality protein within 2 hours after strength training is usually enough to jumpstart recovery and prevent muscle loss. For fat loss, go with 10–12 calories per pound. Thus, you will not be on the path of ‘trail & error’ means. Early start times in some schools also might play a role in lost sleep. Yes, these are ranges and not exact numbers—you’ll need to experiment a bit and find the number that’s right for you. You will be able to accomplish your task in an easy way. Teens who fall asleep after midnight may still have to get up early for school, meaning that they might squeeze in only 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night. Start on the lower end of the spectrum for muscle gain and the higher end for fat loss, so that changes can be made gradually, and adjust if you aren’t gaining or losing weight after two weeks. As you take nutritious food, you will get the required energy.

Is breast pump necessary for working mother

A breast pump is getting very popular with working mother who want to give their baby their own milk rather than formula or cow’s milk.  So what really is breast pump and do you need it?. A breast pump is considered as new mother’s close companion during her breastfeeding period. There are several types of breast pumps available on the market today, some are manual while others are electric. There are also single and double electric breast pump. If you are looking for best breast pump in India, then this article will surely help you in choosing the right breast pump for you.

If you want to continue breast-feeding exclusively after that, those groups say all the better. Top-end electric pumps are a popular choice for moms who return to work full-time or are frequently away from their baby and can’t nurse regularly. A manual pump is not ideal if you want to express frequently – it is usually operated by squeezing or pulling a handle, so you might need both hands, and the repetitive movements required to express a good amount of breast milk can be tiring and cramp inducing. If possible choose a breast pump that’s manufactured by a trusted brand. That’s because breast milk offers so many benefits.
These pumps are fully automatic, with variable cycling times and adjustable suction levels to help avoid nipple discomfort. A manual breast pump also may not provide sufficient stimulation nor empty your breasts as efficiently as electric ones – another reason why they’re recommended for occasional use. Branded breast pumps not only function better but have reliable product support and useful warranties included. It boosts your baby’s immune system by providing antibodies against illness, promotes brain and vision development and a healthy digestive tract, and may reduce your child’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It may also reduce the risk of some diseases later in life, such as diabetes, some types of cancer, obesity, high cholesterol, and asthma. Most electric pumps are double pumps – they can do both breasts at once – but a few are single.
The Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump is small and light with fewer parts for easy cleaning. Aside from the quality, choose a breast pump that can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes. Breast pumps can feel like lifesavers when mom’s milk comes in. The need to express due to a premature birth, or illness in either mother or baby, could be either short-term or longer-term. And it boasts intelligent design: The neck is angled for sitting and pumping comfortably, while the included bottles and nipples are shaped more like mom to help baby switch back and forth from breast to bottle.
A clean breast pump means clean, uncontaminated breast milk. Some women have significant engorgement to the point where baby can’t possibly relieve mom of her load. Some mothers also choose to express breastmilk for their own personal reasons, on either a short-term or a longer-term basis. Bonus: you can pump right into them. Your baby can still receive the benefits of breastmilk even if you go out to work.
Also, it can be difficult for newborns to latch onto an engorged breast, so a pump can come in handy to help reduce volume and soften the breast before baby prior.ome mums prefer a manual pump because they’re cheaper, more discreet, quieter, and easily portable, so can be used if you’re at work or while you’re out. Many mothers also like to keep a small store of breastmilk in the freezer for emergencies. For a variety of reasons, some mums choose to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding, or decide not to breastfeed at all. Partial breastfeeding is better than bottlefeeding completely, so continue to breastfeed even if you have been advised to give other foods. Others prefer the comfort and speed of an electric pump, as it will do most of the hard work for you.
Whatever your reason for expressing, it can be confusing working out the best way to express and what breast pump is best to use (if any). A typical pumping session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes a breast. Despite what formula manufacturers want us to believe, nothing is as good for your baby as breastmilk. If you sleep with your baby, he will breastfeed during the night without disturbing you. Some may be put off by the speed of an electric pump, but all the ones we tested had variable speeds, so you can start off with a gentle pumping action and then increase the suction. If you’ll be pumping at work or in other time-crunched situations, you might want to invest in an electric breast pump that allows you to pump both breasts at once.
Using a breast pump means baby can still receive all the unique benefits of breastmilk regardless of your decision. No doubt, every time I received questions about how to buy a breast pump, I could sense how desperate the mom in the other end. Electric breast pumps also come as double breast pumps – so you can express from both breasts at once and save time. A double-breast pump helps stimulate milk production while reducing pumping time by half. Nature has given you the ultimate food source for baby so why not use it?
And I came to realize, there are a lot more moms out there who need helps in buying their first, or perhaps, the second, or next breast pump. If you are planning to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding, it is recommend that breastfeeding is well established before introducing a teat. So I thought, would it be nice if I summarize all of the questions, and turn it into a breast pump buying guide so that others can benefit from it? Nipple confusion in young babies is a common problem and can interfere with breastfeeding. Before you leave home in the morning and again when you return, breastfeed your baby. When mixed feeding, always offer the breast before giving other foods. Remember: Breastmilk is the best and most economical food for your baby.