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Koi Ponds And Best Pond Pump For It

Some country homeowners are fortunate enough to have natural ponds on their property, however they take time and work to maintain. The result can be rewarding, however if natural ponds are left to their own devices can rapidly become a problem area in the yard. Those fed by a natural spring or small stream will usually be kept clean on their own but those where the water is relatively still can quickly become a habitat for pesky bugs.

Those with a small stream running through their property may find natural ponds with a steady supply of fresh water need very little maintenance to keep it clean. However, during times the stream feeding the pond may dry up and the water becomes covered with moss or other unwanted growth, often accompanied by an unpleasant odor. To combat this, installing a water spout or fountain can keep the water aerated and considerably cleaner.

Many folks with natural ponds on their property have followed the old belief that tossing a bale of hey into the pond will keep it clean. The theory is that as the moon adjusts the tide of even the smallest natural ponds, the bale will float around the surface gathering organic materials in its path. Once it is saturated and become heavy, it sinks to the bottom. The problem with this plan is that the bale does sink to the bottom and after a year or two will reduce the depth of the pond.

Wildlife Magically Appears At Natural Ponds

Homeowners often find unexpected surprises in natural ponds in the form of fish, ducks, geese and other forms of natural wildlife. Fish eggs can be carried in by flying wildlife and left behind in natural ponds where they grow into larger fish, creating a place for residents to have their own private fishing area without the expense of stocking the pond.

As is the care with many natural ponds, unless it is kept trimmed aquatic growth can quickly overtake the areas near the shore and cattails and other plants can clog any pump for a fountain. However, they also supply a natural food supply for any critters that choose to make the pond their home. Depending on the attitude of the homeowner, natural ponds can be a blessing or a curse. Those that enjoy the outdoors and the extra wildlife they attract will properly maintain the area. Those who have no desire to work outdoors and take care of the pond properly will simply wish it would dry up.

Pond Pumps in UK for Koi Ponds

There are many different types of pond pumps available in UK, but not all are good for Koi ponds. You need to be aware of all the features that should be available in a good pond pumps for koi fish pond. Why Bother With Ultra Violet Lights For Ponds? Ponds have gotten along for millennia without the assistance of ultra violet lights, so why should the modern pond keeper bother with them? Well, ponds dont have to put up with the crap they have to now as opposed to millennia ago. In nature, ponds were either temporary (appeared only for a few weeks in the rainy season and then dried up) or were connected to moving bodies of water like underground or above ground springs, rivers, streams and creeks. Also, there weren’t as many chemicals floating around as there are today. Ultra violet lights for ponds have become a modern necessity to help keep ponds healthy in these modern times.

What Do They Do?

Koi Pond PumpAlthough aquariums need artificial lighting to mimic daylight for the fish, you don’t need any artificial lights for fish ponds. But ultra violet light is used to sterilize and filter the pond water. This technology is also used in industries, by doctors to get sterile water and by campers and armed forces for sterilizing drinking water. Ultra violet lights for ponds burns out algae.

Algae are the bane of any pond or aquarium. It is an invasive menace somewhat like The Blob for water environments. The shade of green might look pretty, but it will suck up all the nutrients and oxygen in the water, making any other plant, fish or critter quite dead. Algae also have a tendency to stink after a while, while even healthy fish in good pond water have no detectable odor at all.

What Doesn’t It Do?

Ultra violet lights for ponds will not completely sterilize a whole pond full of water. Nothing can live in completely sterile water. There always has to be some beneficial bacteria bopping about. Some beneficial bacteria may be killed, but not enough to harm you pond. But all of the algae will be killed.

Ultra violet lights for ponds are also not an adequate substitute for a filter. It specializes in killing algae, not filtering all the harmful bacteria out. Yes, it can make the pond water look clear, but clear water still might be unhealthy for your plants or fish.

Picking Properly

Ultra violet lights for ponds work best when the right sized light is used for the pond. Although it might be tempting to get the smallest and cheapest of the ultra violet lights for ponds available, it wont do an adequate job. Since manufacturers dont make the same strength or types of UV lights, check with the box to see how many gallons the UV light can safely handle.