Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

In a morning in a perfect world, car keys would never get lost, and a nutritious, tasty breakfast would magically appear for your toddler while your neatly ironed work outfit just floats out of your closet on command.

Unfortunately, youre stuck in the world of lost car keys, wrinkled clothes and a lot of running around in the morning, but you can make nutritious breakfasts for your toddler that provide delight and help make your mornings easier, and for that you will need to come with some good breakfast ideas for toddlers. Try these great breakfast ideas for your little one to help get everyones day off to the right start!

Banana Bites

These little pancakes are easy for toddlers to hold and fun for them to eat. Cut two bananas into 1/4-inch slices, dip each one individually into pancake batter and gently shake to remove the excess. Cook each one in a skillet on medium heat until both sides are golden, which takes about one minute. Once these bites are a little cooled, theyre ready to eat! Banana bites can keep in a refrigerator for up to three days, so make them the night before to have breakfast ready to go the next morning.


Mini-muffins are no trouble for little hands, and you can make your own for a healthier option than the pre-made ones found in stores that typically have a lot of added sugar. Blueberry tends to be a big hit, and you can also try simple pumpkin mini-muffins using spice cake mix and canned pumpkin. Make these bite-sized muffins ahead of time and freeze them until you need them.

Mini-Waffle Sandwiches

These small waffle sandwiches are great for the days you didnt have any time to prepare for. Get miniature frozen whole-grain toaster waffles from your local grocery store. Pop them in the toaster and slather on some jelly and peanut butter—or just jelly if theres an allergy concern—and youre good to go. These waffles are also thinner than full-sized ones, which means theyre the right size for toddlers to pick up on their own.

Dressed-Up Oatmeal

Oatmeal is filling, quick to make and easy for your little one to manage, but many kids balk at eating it because its a little boring. Give your toddler the chance to make oatmeal more appealing by offering some favorite toppings on it. Let your little ones choose raisins, sprinkles or another addition that is easy for them to eat and on their list of favorites.

When it comes to getting good breakfast ideas for toddlers, the key is creativity and keeping it simple so youre not struggling in the morning. Use your imagination to create more new on-the-go breakfast favorites!

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